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    Our Story

    At The Fine Harvest, we exist to bring you ingredients and snacks that not only make your eyes and taste buds scream “yum’ but that feed your body and soul too. In short, they are 100% good for you – in lots of different ways.


    The Fine Harvest was established in October 2013 by Andy and Alina. They both share a real love of quality food and understand the important role that food plays in our health and wellbeing – and decided to turn that passion into their business and life’s work.


    The Fine Harvest searches endlessly to both source and produce wholefoods that aren’t run of the mill, that are extraordinary in every respect. Wholefoods that are made in the most natural way possible, all with completely natural ingredients and with zero or minimal additives and preservatives.


    And we don’t take it on face value – every product is rigorously examined to make sure it passes the strict criteria set to be on The Fine Harvest product menu – and also taste tested to ensure it really is delicious. Every single product is either super healthy – or, if it is a little bit more on the naughty side, we go to great lengths to make sure it is produced in the very best way and as naturally as possible.


    Even though the finest quality ingredients tend to come with a high price tag, The Fine Harvest makes sure our products are affordable to all by eliminating middle men like distributors and wholesalers. We work directly with small batch producers, some of whom sell exclusively through us, who we scour the world to find. Producers who share our ethos of making natural, healthy, mouth watering wholefoods. We create strong, lasting relationships with them, ones that enable us to know everything about their products, including how they are processed.


    Alongside our curated brands, we also offer our own lines to compliment and enhance the offer. The Fine Harvest range allows us to have complete control over the sourcing of ingredients and the quality of production, as well as being able to offer a more diverse range of products.

    Both our own brand and our curated products from our brand partners are everything we want to eat ourselves; every morsel delights and nourishes.


    It may sound a cliche, but at The Fine Harvest we genuinely care about people. We build personal connections with our customers, taking time to get to know their desires and requirements and using our knowledge to help and advise them. We take care of our staff, and are proud to be a living wage employer. We are a small, family run business who want to make sure we are playing our part in ensuring people live healthy lives.


    And that goes from the micro to the macro too. As well as working towards the health and wellbeing of people, we want the same for our planet. We are eco conscious and, where it is in our control, we do whatever we can to protect the planet.  We use hybrid low emission vehicles within our workforce. All of our delivery boxes are sustainable and recyclable, from FSC certified sources. We use minimal plastic. We operate on a zero waste target and stock smaller than usual batches of product and replenish frequently. This not only ensures our products are always fresh but also massively reduces waste.


    If you want to treat yourself to something truly divine, look no further. Indulge with the happy knowledge that, in our case, a little of what you fancy really does a lot of good too.




    A collection of carefully selected fine foods, from small batch artisan producers. 
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