About Us

A family business since 2013, we take great pride in sourcing fine foods from artisan makers all over the world. Our love for health conscious, natural ingredients with great flavour is at the forefront of everything we do, and working directly with our brand partners enables us to forge strong working relationships whilst understanding everything about the products that we offer. Traceability is a key factor within this process, and in many cases we are entrusted with being exclusive distributors for our products.


We use our combined years of experience and knowledge within food and beverage, passion for natural ingredients and continued research to bring you produce of exceptional quality, that are both nutritious and delicious. We personally sample each and every item before we accept it into our catalogue, ensuring it meets all the criteria we look for when tasting for new products.

Our ultimate mission is to make our customers happy, by enabling them to discover new foods of premium quality from producers that are conscious of preserving artisan production methods, ones that are far from the practices of today’s mass production.


We aim to be sociable and offer our customers the best experience possible, that’s why customer service always comes first. Free delivery options, same day dispatch, next day deliveries and a wide choice of secure payment methods are just some of the things we have taken into consideration. Not to mention our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and look forward to welcoming you into The Fine Harvest family.

A collection of carefully selected fine foods, from small batch artisan producers. 
Our Promise To You