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How to Snack Healthily while Working from Home (Copy)

How to Snack Healthily while Working from Home

Working from Home
Snacking from Home

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown threw all of our lives into disarray. Our day to day routines changed massively overnight. And it was a question of not if but how fast we could adapt. A big part of the lockdown focused on working from home where we could. For those that already worked from home, this wasn’t such a shock to the system. However, for the vast majority of us, it was a huge change.


Everything in our schedules changed. The time that we would usually take out of the day commuting would now become free. Costs associated with travel and petrol would be saved. A big part of working from home when it comes to your lifestyle change is your diet. Typically if working from home or from an office you would have a set menu or take your lunch in with you. With this usually happening at set times. However, when working from home you have instant access to all of the cupboards in your house.

The Rise in Unhealthy Snacking

This led subsequently to a surge in people snacking throughout the day when working from home. Most of these snacks, however, were unhealthy, full of sugar and fattening. This harms their health at a time were improving their health should be a focus. The answer to this, however, is not to stop snacking altogether. But rather focus on healthy snacks.


Finding A Healthy Alternative

When most people think of snacks they will immediately turn towards chocolate and snacks. However, these are the exact types of unhealthy snacks that people from home binge upon. There is in fact a huge range of healthy snacks out there just waiting to be tried. Here at The Fine Harvest one thing we focus on is making people aware of and offering an abundance of healthy snacks. One of the most popular healthy snacks that have grown in popularity lately is nuts. Not only do they make for the perfect ‘nibble’ but they also have a wide range of health benefits you may not be aware of.

Working from Home
Working from Home
The Health Benefits of Nuts

An ounce of nuts contains over a dozen different nutrients that your body needs both to function, strengthen and grow. Just some of the nutrients in a typical ounce of nuts include protein, magnesium, fibre, vitamin e and much more. With some of these nutrients in just a single ounce making up to 20% of your daily recommended intake. In addition to containing an abundance of nutrients, they are also full of antioxidants helping clear and clean your body.


Studies have also shown that consuming nuts regularly can contribute to weight loss. At a time where there is a war against obesity and with research identifying overweight people being more at risk this is a benefit that is constantly overlooked and undervalued. It is also perfect for those working from home. Working from home usually means that time taken out to walk to work or to public transport is instead replaced with sitting at home. Which of course means you are losing out on your regular daily exercise which of course can be detrimental to your health.

Nuts of All Different Shapes, Sizes and Tastes

In addition to having all of the health benefits we have run through today, Another great thing about nuts being a healthy snacking alternative is the diverse range of different types of nuts. This means that no matter what your tastebuds prefer there will be a type of nut that satisfies them. Here at The Fine Harvest, we stock a wide range of different types of high-quality nuts including raw, roasted, salted, unsalted and much more. All of the nuts that we stock are not only responsibly sourced and of the highest quality but have all the health benefits we have discussed today.

Working from Home