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    Flu Fighter Functional Tea Pyramids


    A soothing green tea, blended with the finest echinacea, elderberries and rosehip

    The Fine HarvestA functional blend to assist during colds and flus
    The Fine Harvest15 compostable pyramids
    The Fine Harvest100% plastic free and eco friendly
    The Fine HarvestEchinacea helps boost immunity

    The Fine HarvestLoaded with vitamin C
    The Fine HarvestWhole leaf in a spacious pyramid
    The Fine HarvestSupplied with a clip to reseal and keep fresh
    The Fine HarvestTraditional and delicate harvest process

    Perfect for
    Sip away your colds and flus to help get you back on your feet. This carefully put together blend is ideal for when feeling a little down. The enjoyable flavours also make this a nice everyday tea too!

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    An antioxidant green tea at its base, this nourishing mélange is further enhanced by echinacea, elderberries and rosehips to help support your immune system when under attack. Loaded with vitamin C, these flu-fighting herbs and fruits will help you back on your feet from the first sip.



    Green tea, echinacea, elderberries, rosehip, mango. goji berries, raspberry pieces, natural flavours (organic compliant).


    Antioxidant level:



    Caffeine content:



    Brew guide:

    100 degrees, 3-5 mins

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