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    Luxury Green Jasmine Tea


    A captivating bouquet of the finest green tea and specially selected jasmine blossoms

    The Fine HarvestLuxury green tea with jasmine blossoms
    The Fine Harvest15 compostable pyramids
    The Fine Harvest100% plastic free and eco friendly
    The Fine HarvestHigh antioxidant levels

    The Fine HarvestRich in polyphenols
    The Fine HarvestWhole leaf in a spacious pyramid
    The Fine HarvestSupplied with a clip to reseal and keep fresh
    The Fine HarvestTraditional and delicate harvest process

    Perfect for
    Pairs well with mild dishes like seafood or salads, and can be enjoyed after your meal. Aids digestion and offers a calming influence after your meal. Enjoy at anytime.

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    An extraordinarily fragrant green tea that immediately awakens the senses. It has a floral character accentuated by specially selected May jasmine blossoms, harvested when in full bloom. This traditional and delicate process yields a cup rich in antioxidants. A heavenly taste experience.



    Green tea, jasmine flowers


    Antioxidant level:



    Caffeine content:



    Brew guide:

    85 degrees, 3-5 mins

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