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    Roastworks “Sumatra Takengon” Aluminium Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules


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    This is a formidable coffee that is at one extreme end of the flavour spectrum. Much of the coffee’s unique character is down to the wet-hulled processing method which builds body and sweetness. Expect big, bold flavours of cocoa nib and cedar with hints of orange oil and pepper. Medium acidity and a long, clean finish round this coffee off.


    Gegarang Cooperative


    Lake Takengon, Aceh


    Wet hulled, patio dried


    P88, Bourbon


    1600 – 1800 masl

    About The Producer


    Our philosophy is simple; we want to get more people drinking speciality coffee. Despite the recent spike in the popularity in speciality coffee there’s still a great deal of bad coffee being consumed, and we need to change that. The range of flavours in coffee can vary enormously depending on varietal, processing method and growing region (even more so than wine). We want to take consumers on a journey and demonstrate how these factors affect the taste of coffee.

    Speciality coffee still only accounts for about 5% of all the coffee produced globally, and we believe increasing this would have a positive effect across the industry. Not only does well cultivated, well-roasted coffee provide you with a better cup of coffee it also ensures a more sustainable business model for growers. Farmers and producers who grow speciality grade beans are able to command a premium for their crops and reinvest to improve their practices. Furthermore, farms that produce speciality coffee tend to adopt a more ecological approach to their farming practices.

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