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    BoTree Chef’s Essential Seasoning Collection


    Premium single origin herb and spice set 

    • Selection of 8 flavours (see below)
    • Single origin and fully traceable
    • Perfect for any type of cuisine
    • Stunning Gift
    • Vegan and gluten free
    • Seasoning with provenance

    Perfect for
    Kebabs, Grilled Meats, Veggies, Stews, Curries, Pasta Dishes, Grilled Vegetables, Bolognese, Noodle Soup and more. Virtually perfect for any cuisine.

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    This selection of spices are absolute must-haves for everyone who loves to cook. It covers an array of exotic cuisines from Italian to Indian and is fundamental to any pantry. Whether you’re seasoning veggies with Flowering Hyssop Thyme, grilling meats with Black Urfa Chili or baking with Buffalo Ginger, you’ll be reaching into this collection on a daily basis.


    Black Urfa Chilli 50g, Nile Coriander Seeds 30g, Wild Mountain Cumin Seeds 50g, Buffalo Ginger 50g Turkish Oregano Buds 15g, Smoked Pimenton Paprika 50g, Flowering Hyssop Thyme 20g, New Harvest Turmeric 50g


    Black Urfa Chilli

    Tasting notes of Chocolate, Raisins

    Heat Level: Medium

    Ingredients: Urfa Chilli, Sunflower Oil, Salt


    Nile Coriander Seeds

    Tasting Notes of Orange Peel, Fresh Herbs, Dried Apricot

    Ingredients: 100% Whole Coriander Seeds


    Wild Mountain Cumin Seeds

    Tasting Notes of Grilled Onion, Dried Apricots, Mountain Air

    Ingredients: 100% Whole Wild Cumin


    Buffalo Ginger

    Tasting Notes of Pineapple, Fresh Herbs, Bright Heat

    Ingredients: 100% Ginger, Ground


    Turkish Oregano Buds

    Tasting Notes of Wild Herbs, Hops, Black Pepper

    Ingredients: 100% Oregano Buds


    Smoked Pimenton Paprika

    Tasting Notes of Hardwood Smoke, Ripe Tomato, Summery Sweetness

    Ingredients: 100% Pimenton de la vera DOP


    Flowering Hyssop Thyme

    Tasting Notes of Lavender, Wild Herbs, Pine

    Ingredients: 100% Wild Hyssop Thyme


    New Harvest Turmeric

    Tasting Notes: Powerful, Floral, Curcumin

    Ingredients: 100% Ground Turmeric


    As foodies, we are used to single origin coffee and we understand the implications for taste and sustainability. It’s now time that we extend this same standard to spices. Single origin means the shortest supply chain possible and therefore the best conditions for farmers as well as the tightest control over quality. Depending on the type and whether it’s whole or ground, spices can lose their potency if mishandled, so choosing ‘single source’ means the valuable volatile oils do not evaporate as they often do when spices change hands in the international trade.













    About The Producer


    From Kampot to Scotland, and all along the spice trail.

    We started our journey into seasoning in 2017 from our family farm in Kampot, cultivating the only PGI-certified organic pepper in the world. Since then, we have won 21 Great Taste Awards for our Kampot seasonings and expanded spice and pantry range, continuing to combine our passion for flavour with quality and sustainability.

    BoTree was founded by brothers-in-law Peter and Christopher in 2017. United by a desire to change their lives (both needed a career change) and fascinated by the rich tradition of pepper farming in Cambodia, the two set out to farm Kampot spices and help sustainable growth for the country.

    In 2012, BoTree commenced planting. Due to the three-year maturation process for Kampot Pepper plants the first harvest took place in 2015. Shipments of award-winning Kampot Pepper are vacuum-packed to arrive at the family home in Perth as fresh as the day they left the farm. There, the whole family (including grandma!) preps customer orders and sends them off to energise kitchens in Europe, North America, Australia, and beyond.

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