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    Golden Virgin Organic Tahini With Honey & Dark Chocolate 190g


    Thick, spreadable tahini, with a hint of sweetness

    The Fine HarvestCertified 100% organic
    The Fine HarvestPure ground sesame seeds with raw honey

    The Fine HarvestCouverture chocolate, high quality
    The Fine HarvestNo added sugar or preservatives
    The Fine HarvestRich in plant protein and antioxidants
    The Fine HarvestHigh in fibre and vitamins B1, B3 and B6
    The Fine HarvestGood source of zinc, manganese and magnesium
    The Fine HarvestHand finished jars, fully recyclable

    Perfect for
    Use as a condiment or dip alongside your favourite foods. Great spread on fresh bread, croissants or pancakes, and is a good choice as a star ingredient in home baking and pastry recipes. Can also be used as an alternative to jams or honey, and pairs well with walnuts and hazelnuts. Why not try in as a salad dressing too! Divine.

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    GOLDEN VIRGIN® Organic Tahini with honey and dark chocolate will become your new favourite go to topper! An authentic tahini base is complemented with raw honey and couverture dark chocolate to create a unique and delicious superfood spread that everyone needs to try. Produced in Greece from organically grown sesame seeds, raw honey and dark chocolate, with respect for the environment & ecosystem. This superfood combines the rich nutrients of sesame that contribute to the good function of the body, with the wonderful nutritional value of raw honey and antioxidant properties of dark chocolate. The result is an enjoyable spread that can be used as an alternative to jam or honey. Try it with fresh bread, croissants, pancakes, crepes, cereals or pastry recipes, or simply as a dip or condiment for your favourite foods.

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