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    Mellona Organic Functional Raw Honey With Bee Pollen, 250g


    Organic raw honey with functional amino-acid properties

    The Fine HarvestOur signature raw honey, blended with additional bee pollen
    The Fine HarvestOrganic certified, unheated and unfiltered
    The Fine HarvestHigh enzyme content and super rich in amino acids and minerals
    The Fine HarvestGMO free and no sugar-fed bees
    The Fine HarvestSmall batch production
    The Fine HarvestEthical hand harvest
    The Fine HarvestHand-finished glass jars, no plastic

    Perfect for
    Enjoy as a spread on toast, blended into smoothies, mixed into Greek yoghurt, or simply by the spoonful straight from the jar.

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    Bee pollen collected by bees whilst harvesting blossom nectar is one of the most complete sources of rare amino acids (the constituents of proteins). Some amino acids cannot be formed in the body and can only be taken ready. Bee pollen is among the best and most complete natural sources of these vital amino acids.

    Our unique, creamy golden honey comes in the purest, most nutritious form. 100% raw, it comes directly from the honeycomb without heating, without pasteurization, or any other kind of processing. It is as exceptional as the splendid flowers it comes from. We further add additional bee pollen so the amino acid content is significantly higher than it usually is in raw honey. The flavour is exceptional the nutrition value is unmatched.

    We produce our exceptional premium quality products on our farm in Limassol province on the southern coast of Cyprus. Due to the unique climate and soil characteristics of this land, we produce agricultural products of exceptional quality. Produced in small batches, it is fully traceable, and our manufacture process is far from the practices of mass production. This allows us to keep product quality at the forefront of everything we do, always.


    We recommend Mellona raw honey with morning cereals, muesli or granola. Over a breakfast toast, mixed with Greek yoghurt and nuts, on waffles, ice cream or any other fruit. Or even mixed with balsamic vinegar to be used as a salad dressing. Importantly, this natural raw honey is the perfect natural sweetener, and can also be enjoyed by the spoonful entirely on its own.

    About The Producer



    On their blossoming farm on the south coast of Cyprus, Mellona crafts its totally natural products. Surrounded by citrus, olive groves and vineyards, the unique climate and soil characteristics of this land means Mellona is able to produce agricultural products of exceptional quality.


    They believe that nature is the perfect food producer. Food, as made by nature, may not have the best shape or the most tempting colour or may not be able to keep for a long time. It surely has though the best flavour and it is perfect for its purpose: to give the body the nutrients it needs in the most effective way.


    They also know that nature is nature-friendly. Keeping the production process as natural as possible results in a lower impact on the environment. So natural, organic, raw foods are not only good for you, but also for the planet.


    Mellona strongly believe in the notable Mediterranean diet. For them, it’s not just a vague idea but a real guide for developing their products and recipes. In every Mellona jar or bottle, you will find food as close to what nature produced as possible. You’ll also find a bit of sun and Mediterranean aura.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    D.O. (England, United Kingdom)
    Raw honey with pollen

    This honey with pollen has helped my family’s symptoms of hay fewer disappear!

    Lydia Plackett (England, United Kingdom)
    Pure Honey

    This honey is very nice and not too expensive for a good honey product

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