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    Raw Honey – The Bee’s Knees!

    Raw Honey - The Bee's Knees!

    Raw Natural HoneySweet stuff isn’t normally sweet to our bodies or our health.  One massive exception to this is raw honey which is literally crammed full of incredible health-giving properties. Keeping it raw is definitely the way to go with honey to make sure every mouthful is doing us wonders.


    What exactly is raw honey? Well, it means it hasn’t been heat-treated; conventional honey is heated over 50 degrees celsius, a process that destroys most of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes. It hasn’t been finely filtered so it retains the beneficial bee pollen, honeycomb and propolis. Some of the honey is left behind for the bees and the climate in Cyprus – where The Fine Harvest raw honey comes from, is mild enough to allow the bees to forage in the winter and get sufficient food so they don’t have to be fed with sugar – which is both bad for the bees and the honey itself.


    Raw honey is rich in antioxidants, organic acids and flavonoids. In plain English, this means it helps our bodies to naturally cleanse themselves. Antioxidants also help in reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes and can lower both blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They increase our immunity and help with respiratory problems.


    Raw honey contains all the B vitamins, protein-producing amino acids and vitamins C, D and E as well as a large number of plant pigments, proteins, and healthy acids such as citric acid.


    The carbs in honey make it a natural energy booster; the glucose provides energy immediately while the fructose is absorbed more slowly to provide longer-lasting energy. Unlike refined sugars, honey keeps our blood sugar levels constant.


    Raw honey also has been used since Egyptian times to speed up the healing of wounds. This is done both by eating it and also applying it directly to the wound.


    Because it is a probiotic, raw honey aids the beneficial bacteria in our digestive system to help create a better balance in our gut microbiota.


    A spoonful can also soothe a sore throat, reduce inflammation and suppress a cough.


    It’s a great substitute for sugar as a sweetener as it contains no empty calories and at only 21 calories per teaspoon, it can even help with weight loss.


    Pretty impressive stuff – and, of course, it is delicious too


    At The Fine Harvest, you will find all our high-quality raw honey come in glass jars – no plastic – which can be recycled or upcycled as plant pots meaning the honey is not just good for us but for our planet too. Glass is also the best container for the food itself because it does not release any harmful substances, in contrast to plastic. Definitely the bee’s knees.

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