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    Bo Tree Herbs De Kampot


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    You’ve all heard of Herbs de Provence, well now it’s time to meet Herbs de Kampot. An exquisite blend of herbs, spices, Kampot pepper and Fleur de Sel giving you the ultimate seasoning companion.


    Kampot Black, Red and White Pepper, Kampot Fleur de Sel combined with a top-secret blend of aromatic herbs and spices created for us by Christian Buchot a revered mixologist from Brittany, France who already graces the top tables in Paris and Lyon with his herb blending wizardry.


    Description & Use:

    Well its all a bit of a secret, we can say that its 40% Kampot Pepper, herbs and dried spices and 60% Kampot Fleur de Sel. Monsieur Buchot can not be persuaded to part with his secret concoction.


    When you are using salt and pepper, just use this instead. The blend is particularly good on the grill (fish, meat or vegetables). Fantastic on baked Pasta dishes. Gluten and Nut-free.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Annamarie Gray (England, United Kingdom)
    Herbs De Kampot

    Use it in place of my usual seasoning. I love it.

    Cath (England, United Kingdom)
    Great product

    This has so much flavour and complements all kinds of foods e.g. meats, salads, fish and cheese sauces. Everyone who tries it ends up buying it for themselves.

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