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    The Waistline Perils of Working from Home

    The Waistline Perils of Working from Home

    Nuts - The 'Working from Home' Snack!

    We’re bored. We’re stressed. We’re anxious.


    However we are reacting to our new norm of working from home, one thing is certain, we are in close proximity to the kitchen and we are probably visiting it more than we have ever done.


    Snacking and working remotely seem to go together hand in hand. Who hasn’t reached for a bag of crisps, a jumbo tub of ice cream, a biscuit or six, or a giant bar of chocolate after wall to wall Zooms or juggling kids and a laptop for hours on end?


    We know they are all jammed full with sugar and bad for our health and our waistlines but the combination of being stuck at home and working alone seems to have whetted our appetite for snacks.


    The good news is that we don’t need to cut them out. Nor do we need to sacrifice yumminess for health benefits.


    Simply think nuts.


    The huge variety means each one of us will find at least one we find delicious and a huge plus to eating them is that research has shown that they can even contribute to weight loss. Working from home has seen an increase in our weight – probably because we are not walking to the tube, going to the gym or generally running around all day but more likely restricted to the confines of our home and with weight and the propensity to catch Covid19 being linked, now is more important than ever to check those scales – not just for our vanity but for our health.


    Nuts are good for us in other ways too. An ounce of nuts contains over a dozen different nutrients like protein, magnesium, fibre, Vitamin E and gives us 20% of our daily recommended intake. Our bodies need these nutrients to function, strengthen and grow.  Nuts are also full of antioxidants that help clear and clean our bodies.


    What’s not to love? Stock up on your favourites (yes, at The Fine Harvest we stock a very wide range of lots of different types including raw, roasted, salted and unsalted – all obviously of the highest quality and responsibly sourced) and let yourself go a bit nuts with your snacks.

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