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    Why Spice is Nice!

    Why Spice is Nice!

    Discover a World of Spices

    Simply by adding some spices to your foods, you can easily transport your taste buds to every far flung corner of the globe without actually setting foot outside of your kitchen – but did you also know that spices have great health giving qualities too?


    Cinnamon is a spice that is used extensively in both sweet and savoury recipes, especially in the Mediterranean – everything from rose water rice pudding to lamb with peas and artichokes, chicken soup and even cups of tea are liberally flavoured with either the powder or stick variety. And as well as adding a delicious taste to the dishes, cinnamon acts like a magic wand for a lot of ailments. It fights inflammation and lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. It also excels in lowering blood sugar levels – by as much as 10-29% in diabetic patients which is extraordinary.


    Cayenne pepper is hot stuff in more ways than one. It gives a kick to our dishes but it also kick starts weight loss as it decreases appetite levels and helps burn fat.

    Ginger – which is delicious in chocolate, stir fries and tea is as effective as aspirin for decreasing colon inflammation and it alleviates nausea caused by morning sickness and seasickness.


    Rosemary – the perfect partner for lamb – suppresses both allergies and nasal congestion.


    Cardamom – one of the most expensive spices in the world – helps with heart health, digestion, oral health, diabetes, depression, asthma, blood clots and skin infections – and makes any curry taste even more yummy.


    It is probably true to say that practically every spice – as well as making a recipe even tastier – is good for your body in some way too.


    In order to get the maximum taste and health benefits from spices, we should choose ones that are produced to the highest standards and we should store them correctly – they should be kept in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight and with containers shut tight.


    The Fine Harvest only curates the finest quality spices from all over the world; choose them to spice up your life and give your health a boost.

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